Monday, May 7, 2012

What I've been listening to: 5/7/12

I blame college for everything.

Besides that, I've decided that I'm going to try to review every release that is shown on ubiktune and the OCR forums for the rest of the year. That gives me a good thing to review that's really small and that no one really cares about. :D

Besides that, the first (and very very important) order of business: SLUGABED. MAY 15. TIME TEAM. BUY IT.

Besides listening to a lot of Slugabed in preparation for that release, I grabbed the newest Trip Lee album, The Good Life, and the new remix album by TobyMac, Dubbed & Freq'd. I don't know yet, but the T-Mac release doesn't have the same panache that Re:Mix Momentum had for me. The Capitol Kings remixes have promise, though. I also hope to perhaps pick up PLAYDOUGH's Hotdoggin' sometime soon.

I've also heard rumors that Capital Lights is making a new album, which is great. I really love their first LP, This Is An Outrage!, and would love to see more of their witty, quirky pop-punk in my library.

I've also completed my list of my top electronica songs of 2011, I'll make that list soon,

And I really do say that if you're following or subscribed to this blog, make sure you subscribe/follow/whatever my other blog, Musings of the Master. That's where my "official" reviews and stuff will be.


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