Monday, May 7, 2012

What I've been listening to: 5/7/12

I blame college for everything.

Besides that, I've decided that I'm going to try to review every release that is shown on ubiktune and the OCR forums for the rest of the year. That gives me a good thing to review that's really small and that no one really cares about. :D

Besides that, the first (and very very important) order of business: SLUGABED. MAY 15. TIME TEAM. BUY IT.

Besides listening to a lot of Slugabed in preparation for that release, I grabbed the newest Trip Lee album, The Good Life, and the new remix album by TobyMac, Dubbed & Freq'd. I don't know yet, but the T-Mac release doesn't have the same panache that Re:Mix Momentum had for me. The Capitol Kings remixes have promise, though. I also hope to perhaps pick up PLAYDOUGH's Hotdoggin' sometime soon.

I've also heard rumors that Capital Lights is making a new album, which is great. I really love their first LP, This Is An Outrage!, and would love to see more of their witty, quirky pop-punk in my library.

I've also completed my list of my top electronica songs of 2011, I'll make that list soon,

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

What I've been listening to: 2/26/2012

I haven't been variating my music very much over the last couple of weeks. I downloaded a pair of free mixtapes by Christian rap artist PLAYDOUGH and have had then on repeat basically all week. Bible Bus Mixtape and Writer's Dye, to be exact. I've been enjoying the tasty beats of this album a ton, very creative sample-based fare. I've really been enjoying "Gentle Giant", "My Turn", "Pearls of a PigJam", "Modest Mouseketeer", "Nirvanding" and "Arrowsmitherines".

If I've listened to anything else (I haven't, really), I listened to a bit of Listener's Return to Struggleville, especially the wicked sick "Ozark Empire, or a snake oil salesman comes to your town". That album and his Wooden Heart album are both genius. I listened to (and reviewed) TheGuitahHeroe's Step Back, and a little bit of nerdy emcee Milo's new mixtape EP Milo Takes Baths.

Also, a little bit of La Dispute's Wildlife album, one of my favorites from last year. The storytelling on that album is dazzling. "The Broken Jar" has been holding my ear the last few days.

Also, new Sleigh Bells album out, Reign of Terror. I'll try and review it. I'm also downloading (the bloody gigantic) V For Vinter mixtape by Savant.

And Showbread just announced a new album to release this summer, entitled Cancer. I love these guys and can't wait to hear it.


Listener, Return to Struggleville
Playdough, Writer's Dye
Playdough, The Bible Bus Mixtape
TheGuitahHeroe, Step Back
La Dispute, "A Broken Jar"

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Quick Thoughts on: "Throwdown" and "Friend Like That"

A friend of mine challenged me to review these two old tracks, after some discussions we've had about our musical tastes. So I thought, "why not review it on my blog?". So I am.

"Throwdown", Pillar, For The Love Of The Game
Pillar. One of the cornerstones of Christian Hard Rock music, one of their founding fathers. A plethora of modern Christian bands can have their style traced to this band. While they were never one of my favorite bands, I do respect their skill as musicians. "Throwdown" is exemplary of their style, fairly fast rock music similar to that of bands like Linkin Park and Skillet. It's decently heavy with a lot of chugging guitars and a really powerful drumbeat over the standard yelled/screamed vocals of the genre. It's not something I would listen to very often, but I can't deny that hummed along a little bit. It's not a hard song to get into. 6/10

"Friend Like That", Hawk Nelson, Hawk Nelson Is My Friend
I'll say this first. Hawk Nelson has never been a band I've liked very much. They're one of a multitude of rather bland pop/punk bands that kind of permeate Christian rock. While the trend towards that is starting to fade, Hawk Nelson is really the band that still stands fairly strong, even though some of the other bands have faded into oblivion (Does Stellar Kart do anything anymore?). Unfortunately, "Friend Like That" is one of my most unfavorite songs from Hawk's library, because it really embraces everything I don't really like about their music. It's way too sugary for my tastes (though I really can't fault them for that, since that what this genre's all about), it overuses gang vocals to a fault, and I've never been a fan of Jason Dunn's singing style. The guitars are rather basic and simple, and the solos have a tendency to feel off-key. But I do have to say one thing they do really, really well. It's catchy as heck, I even found myself singing along to it. But I still don't really like it that much. 3/10

This is just my opinion, if you like these songs, I do see why, and I don't fault you for it. Thanks a ton for reading, if you enjoyed it, be sure to subscribe to this and my other blog, Musing of the Master, where I'll post my fuller reviews of songs and albums, in the "subscribe" box in the upper right corner! And if you have a song or album you want me to review, feel free to comment and tell me!


New Music reviews and such

And with another year comes another purpose for this blog. It's now my spot for opinions and announcements of albums that are coming out.

So, I just heard that the indie rock band Sleigh Bells is coming out with their sophomore record, Reign of Terror. The band mixes hardcore-esque guitars over machine gun beats and the sultry shouts of the female lead singer. I really liked the sound of their first album, Treats, and look forward to this new LP.

Besides that, Shlohmo, one of my favorite garage artists, dropped the EP Vacation on Alpha Pup/FoF earlier this month. I can't wait to give that one a listen.

Currently, I've been hooked on listening to Jonwayne's Bowser and the new EP from Japanese DJ Conflict, Yellow Beat.

Also, Heath Mcnease, one of my favorite rappers, is dropping his newest LP, Thrift Store Jesus, soon. Can't wait.

New Sleigh Bells track, "Comeback Kid"
New Heath McNease track, "Natural Disaster Baptism"
New Conflict track, "Space Suit"
New Shlohmo track, "wen uuu"


Monday, August 29, 2011


"Back it up / Move / Sucker punch to the mouth / Now you're making out with the ground"
Family Force 5, "Get On Outta Here"

If you know me personally, you know that I do adore Family Force 5 quite a bit. They have this simple unusual quality that sets them apart from everyone else. Their first album, Business Up Front, Party In The Back meshed metal, dance and southern rock into an amazing piece of work that amazes me to this day. Then they took a 180 with their second album, Dance Or Die, which took lots of influences from Disco and recent electronic acts like Cobra Starship and Daft Punk. Their third effort, III, is coming out in October, and I'm going to get it the day it comes out (if I can). But, they have released the video for one of the songs on III, a track called "Get On Outta Here". 

I can best describe it as "Redneck Dubstep". That's all I can say. FF5 delves deeper into the electronica world by tapping into some heavy bass synths that have a ever-so-slight wobble to them, but returning to the "White Trash" (for lack of a better term) lyrical and vocal style that dominated Business Up Front

I really like it, and it really makes me look forward to III coming out in October. This is not the first song released recently, they had a EP that they sold at live sets which featured three songs, "Wobble", "Dang Girl", and "You Got It". "Wobble" was the main song, which is nothing more than a standard dance-rock anthem. "Dang Girl"... I dunno, the lyrics are just "omg hot girl" at its core, but it has a DUBSTEP BREAKDOWN which makes it immediately awesome. Just sayin.

So, that's that. FF5, rednecks, dubstep, what have you.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

New music: June 11, 2011

I have finished a couple of songs and posted them on Youtube. Here they are:

"Forgive My Sins", by Explosives

I really like this one. Not too amazing, but better than I've ever done before.

"Subterranean Homesick Blues", by Zerothemaster feat. Explosives:

My first real experiment with wobble bass. I like it. It's fairly minimalist, but I like it that way. It's a cover of Bob Dylan, in case you don't know.

I'll work on more when I get back in two weeks. I hope to make a more proper Dubstep track. :D


Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I just listened to a pair of new songs off of Falling Up's upcoming album, Your Sparkling Death Cometh. This is, of course, my reaction:

Oh yeah.

Here's the link to their Facebook.

What I really like is that they're retaining a lot of the sounds that they used on Fangs!. "Blue Ghost" sounds very much like Fangs!, with the experimental sound, while "Diamnds" sounds very much like a rock single. I love both, and can't wait till the album comes out. I'll get back from camping, like, the week of. I'm so pumped now. :D